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We create functional items for the explorers


The designer coats, as main pieces of the brand Petra Földi, are distinct products characterized by an innovative vision. We keep functionality as a priority and we consider the design of our products as the interaction and balance of content and shape.

This is why each of our pieces is created within the framework of a considered production chain which includes the usage of eco-conscious fabrics and handmade production. This concept is one of the most important keys to ensure the uniqueness and quality of our coats and shirts.

With the purpose of helping the owners of our pieces to be free from certain constraints such as the rain itself, the brand Petra Földi veers off the beaten path and forges its own. We are continuously developing our product technology and seeking the highest level of eco-friendly fabrics available. Besides the consistent design, the collection is composed of assorted, distinctive pieces which can be custom-made as well.

For this very reason, our products are made to be worn every day with elegance and style by adventurous, restless women and men who like urban casual wear and who are also conscious to their environment. We believe that the brand Petra Földi can contribute to the experience of a more authentic, more fulfilling life.