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What can I purchase in the webshop?

In this webshop, you can purchase raincoats and shirts designed by Petra Földi. We keep functionality as a priority and consider the design of our products offered as the balance of content and shape. The essential features, characteristics of the items and instructions for their use can be found on the information page of each product.


What does the uniqueness and handmade quality of the products mean?

Each of the items ordered are handmade and individually produced, ensuring the uniqueness and quality of Petra Földi raincoats and shirts. This production concept may also affect the delivery times, as explained in the “Shipping” section.


Where are my products made?

Contrarily to global fast fashion trends, all of our products are handmade in Budapest, the heart of Europe by local manufacturers. The fabrics are procured from German or local suppliers.


Why are the fabrics of the waterproof raincoats special and eco-friendly?

We are continuously developing our product technology and seeking the highest level of eco-friendly fabrics available. In case of waterproof items, the upper material itself also unites, depending on the given type of fabric, two or three layers. One of the layers in each case is an optimal breathable, 100% waterproof and 100% recyclable membrane, made by fluorocarbon-free treatments, free from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFCs (perfluorinated compounds), composed of perfectly safe polyether/ester. For some of the waterproof fabrics, the upper layer is also made by fluorocarbon-free techniques.


What does it mean that the raincoats are water-repellent or waterproof?

As indicated for each of the raincoats, some of them are made of water-repellent fabrics whilst many others are waterproof. Water-repellent fabrics are not easily penetrated by water, the product actually has physical properties that repels water on contact. Waterproof fabrics are impervious to water since the waterproofness is > 20,000 mm water column which means a very high-level protection, similar to the resistance provided by waterproof hiking garments.


Why is it important to use fully taped seams?

The stitching of the garment can be a weak point, as the water can seep through. That is why we use for all raincoats waterproof taping on the stitched seams.


What is my size?

Our products are primarily available in standard / confection sizes going from S to XL for men and XS to L for women. To find your size, please check “Women’s Size Guide” or “Men’s Size Guide” on product pages which converts your body measurements into Petra Földi clothing sizes.


Can I purchase a custom size product?

Yes, you can! If you wish to purchase a custom-made product, we will produce your item in a way that it will fit you perfectly. In order to do so, we ask you to provide us with your measurements. Please follow the instructions under the “Customisation” tab, including the applicable measuring guide. We produce your custom-made item within the standard delivery times applicable to non-customised products.


How can I protect my raincoat purchased?

Over time, with wear, the raincoats’ great water repellent and breathable features can become diminished, especially in case of water-repellent fabrics. If you start to notice that your raincoat is beginning to absorb water instead of repel it, then it may be time you reproofed it. In order to ensure that your coat won’t be altered by the proofer to be used, you should first test out your proofer on a small area of your raincoat. If you wish to reproof your raincoat, Petra Földi suggests choosing among the various types of widely available PFC-free eco proofers.